Wednesday, May 09, 2007

full name "Vienna" one style

For the month of May and June the alphabet shoppe is offering a deal you can't resist, if the name you are ordering is six letters or longer, the first letter is free! Each letter is Sixty Dollars, plus shipping, styles are shown below, you don't have to order in only one style, see mixed "Nathan " below.

Don't forget to forward this site to those with new children or if you are looking for a gift for friends or relatives.

I've been told by customers that they have used the letters to show whose bedroom is whose at home or at the cottage, orders of various letters have been used honour the Initials of the child (first, middle, last name), also first words that children have said, the suggestions just keep coming in, they are a memento that is sure to be cherished.

To order contact Andrew Shay Hahn at

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