Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Globe and Mail, Original Children's Art "backlash"

I don't know if any of you Shoppers read the Globe Living article on Tuesday, "Art that Junior will Drool For' by Tralee Simpson {I think that was the author's last name, apologies if I'm incorrect} about the people who bought original art for their child's room, I know did and I thought, exactly what you thought, why aren't they talking to Andrew Shay Hahn ? Kidding, moving on....

I was shocked at the reader responses {which if you are a fan of reading any comments in the online edition it just seems the people who post are bitter folk from brampton and the prairies} the anger and vitriol that people spat at new young parents, that original art for children will spoil them, it's a waste of money/time, that the child will never appreciate it, a woman said she hopes that she retires before these spoiled children enter the work force, that parents are putting their children at the center of their universe etc. Why were these people so incensed ?

I've been creating and selling these letters for almost two years, I have done many murals in childrens rooms, portraits of kids, why do people buy these letters ? Why do they want a mural for their child's room ?

It's called love.

As the artist who creates, yes I am paid by the parent, grandparent, friends/relatives - they are gifts, a gift is something you consider and pass on to another with love, that is the sole motivation. It has nothing to do with status, ego, entitlement, it's love, that's all.

I also enjoy making these things, it's fun,YES it does supplement my income, YES it is a market that I am addressing directly, it's fun though, if I didn't like doing it, I wouldn't do it, {If you know me, this is a indisputable fact, try to get me to do something I don't want to ? Good luck} I began making these letters as gifts for my friends, it has grown in a direction where I do make money from it, yet it began in a very honest place, what I find DIShonest is the anger that people are tossing around. It's like they never got a toy, smiled at a child, or even were a child.

I have many friends who are "young" parents I learn alot from talking to them, they suffer through the same difficulties as their own parents did, as mie did, but many of them are very candid about how they will rearrange their time to be with their child, they want to take their child places with them, they want to include that kid in everything they do, well if getting that kid a piece of art gives that parent a closer feeling to their child, I wouldn't want to be the one to get in their way and criticize them for that choice, what would that say about you as a person ?

just a few thoughts, all the best,
A.Shay Hahn

P.S my friend Annie made me a sock monkey in the colours of the Jersey Devils {MY TEAM}, she gave it to me yesterday, it made me incredibly happy,I wonder what they'd say about that.....

"He's too old to receive a handmade gift."
"How dare she make something not in the Good Ol' White and blue."
"Sock monkeys created AIDS.",

Thankyou Annie I love him.

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xine says said...

At least a few of the comments on that globe article are heartening...then it degenerates into name calling and weird antagonism for earth hour.
I think most of the folks who scoff at art for kids would have the same attitude towards all art.
That's pretty sad.
Rejoice that there are some people who want to share their love for all of the arts (and your art in particular)!
PS My 'phew is getting his "n" when he moves into his big boy room, and when he becomes a big brother I'll be checking out a new letter...
PPS I love the five letter panels. It's just given me an idea.