Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here are some odds and ends that I found on my drive that I hadn't previously published, the "H" was from a set of tools for a child's name, for some reason I only have the saw, there were hammers and a screwdriver also, but I didn't photograph them.
The rocket ships were done awhile ago as an example of some patterns - have to get back to doing some more of these.
The "C" is for Churchill was for a good friend's child whose last name is, well you get the picture.
The pterodactly was a custom for another client, there were other dinosaurs, I assume that I didn't photograph them either (whoops).
And finally the "A" was for a giveaway that I did with "High Maintenance Mom" a great blog that I'll add to the links section.
As always letters are Sixty Dollars each, Three for One Hundred and Fifty dollars.
All the best,
A.S Hahn

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